Apple Beer
Pour 4 gallons of boiling water over 4 pounds of grated Apples in a pan and stir each day for 2 weeks. Then strain and add 2 pounds of sugar, 2 ounces of root Ginger and a level teaspoonful each of Cinnamon sticks and whole Cloves. Pour into a cask and bung tightly at once. In 6 weeks it will be ready to bottle.

Honey Beer
Boil an ounce of ground Ginger with a ? a gallon of water for an ? hour, then put it into a pan with pound of white sugar, 2 ounces of lime juice, 4 ounces of clear-run honey, the juice of 3 lemons and another ? gallon of cold water. When the mixture is just luke-warm, add a large teaspoonful of yeast spread on a piece of toast. Leave for 12 hours and strain through muslin. After giving it and hour or 2 to settle, carefully bottle.
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