BawCraftWorx one day I might add. Thats right. I did it. I was so busy synchronizing my blogs with facebook that I burned my supper twice.
1st Reaction : "IDOT!!!!"
2nd Reaction: LMAO!
3rd Reaction: "I rule the universe today let me tell ya!"
And anyone who disagrees will burn their food 3 times lol. And when U do, plz post a comment below...

Tanahmera's Toddler Meatloaf Cupcakes

by Tamara Rutledge
(Waterloo, Ont, Canada)
For kids who refuse to eat
For kids who refuse to eat "normal" meatloaf!

Ok first allow me to state that this recipe was born of necessity. You see, my toddler, (Marcus), refused to eat my meatloaf, not because it sucks, but because it was lacking in sensory appeal, apparently, (he is very artistic). So if you're a mom with the same problem, try this, it works....

* Make your meatloaf the same way as usual.
* Put it in a muffin pan (without the cupcake papers).
* Ice it with ketchup -optional:)


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