Tanahmera's Archangeled Eggs:
10 Hard Boiled Eggs.
3 Tbsp Miracle Whip
10 Pinches of My Egg Spice
Hard Boil 10 eggs.
Cool eggs before peeling by letting them sit in cold water for about 3-5 minutes.
Peel eggs, Cut in half (the same as devilled eggs), scoop out yolks and place them in a separate bowl. place egwhites on a serving platter or plate.
Mix Egg yolks with Miracle Whip To suit your own Taste (About 3 Tbsp). Season with 10 small pinches of my egg spice, 1 pinch for each egg.
Scoop mixture into egg whites (same as devilled eggs).
Add a sprinkle of Spanish (Hot) Paprika with a sprig of fresh Parsley and/or Parmesan cheese on top is optional.

Tanahmera's Egg Salad Recipe:
10 Hard Boiled Eggs.
Miracle Whip To Taste (About 5-7 Tbsp).
Peel & mash boiled eggs with the miracle whip. Season with my egg spice to taste. A sprinkle of Spanish (Hot) Paprika is optional.

Tanahmera's Egg Spice Recipe:
I use this on all types of eggs, microwaved, boiled, fried, poached & scrambled etc. Mix equal parts of the following herbs in a plastic/glass container or jar with a tight lid & don't forget to shake well before using:
1 Part Basil Rubbed
1 Part Chives Chopped
1 Part Cilantro Rubbed
1 Part Dill Weed
1 Part Garlic Powder
1 Part Onion Flakes
1 Part Onion Powder
1 Part Oregano Rubbed
1 Part Parsley
1 Part Sage Rubbed
1 Part Savory Rubbed
1 Part Tarragon Flakes
1 Part Thyme Rubbed
Use 1 Pinch of mixture for each egg.

Tanahmera's Microwaved Egg Recipe:
Makes 1 microwaved egg at a time. Sprinkle a tiny bit of salt into the bottom of the microwave egg container. (Salt attracts microwaves & makes the egg cook faster).
Crack egg & pour into the microwaved egg container & make sure you break the yolk with a fork. Add 1 Pinch of egg spice. Grate old cheddar cheese on top and Add a tiny bit of Salt & Pepper. Mix well to blend all the ingredients. Put the lid on the microwave egg container, & place in microwave. Cook on high for 45 seconds.
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