I've Created this blog to share all recipes in My Possession. Some found online including free recipe downloads, some of my own & of course, the timeless recipes from my own family vault. :)

Starting with Desserts and Junk-Food first! I'm personally NOT a junk food eater, but I do LOVE making it for my friends and family, so it helps that I don't eat it, aside from sampling whatever I make.

Lately I've been obsessed with SUSTENANCE! Healthy foods that nourish my body and provide me with energy:) I'm sure it's just a motherhood phase that will piss off as soon as I become a grandma.:) HURRY UP!!! lol

That said, I truly hope you enjoy making and eating everything shared here as much as I have. Feel free to shanghai whatever you like for personal use... I can't give permissions for commercial use because a majority of these recipes are NOT my own:) Whenever I copy a recipe I provide a source link at the bottom of the post to give due credit to the people who originally posted them.
That said, Enjoy browsing my cookbook!
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